Did You Know?

Water Works Auto Spa Gift Certificates make great gifts for any occasion. Gift Certificates are available in any denominations. Please ask any service advisor.
rain check policy
Up to 7-Day Guarantee – Keep your receipt, if it rains within 7 days of your wash* return your car to Water Works Auto Spa for a complimentary exterior re-wash. *See wash packages for guarantee details.
headlight restoration
Water Works Auto Spa provides Headlight Restoration Services. There is no appointment necessary. Headlight Restoration increases the “Candle Power” which is the industry’s terminology for increase in light distance and brightness.
your time is valuable
At Water Works Auto Spa we know your time is valuable, and that time is money. We are committed to being the fastest full service wash in town. From the time your car leaves the service advisor, we guarantee your car will be ready in 20 minutes or less. Special conditions such as excessive mud, tree sap, or pet hair require more attention to detail and additional time to complete.

Wash Tips

Protect Your Investment- Most Auto Manufacturers recommend that you wax your vehicle every 3 to 4 months.  A layer of wax creates a protective barrier for your vehicle’s finish, while also removing acid rain, grease, road grime and dirt that may have bonded to your vehicle previously.  A good high gloss finish on your vehicle means a higher resale or trade-in value.

Preventative Maintenance- All vehicles, regardless of the finish (clearcoat, acrylic, enamel) require frequent washing throughout the year.  Just as a good mechanical maintenance program prolongs the life and performance of your vehicle, frequent washings will prolong the life and gloss of your vehicle’s exterior and interior finishes.

Sun Exposure- Exposure to sunlight, with it’s ultraviolet rays, accelerates the aging process and diminishes the gloss on your vehicle’s finishes.  Protective coatings and sealants are necessary to provide a protective barrier while enhancing your vehicles gloss and shine.

Acid Rain- Emissions from chemical plants, fossil fuels, power plants and the internal combustion engine are transported and altered in our atmosphere.  These emissions are transformed into sulfuric or nitric acids.   These acids, when deposited onto your vehicle in either a wet or dry state, will eventually eat your paint.  Frequent washing is the only way to prevent this damage.

Moisture Destroys-  Water will trap dirt and other contaminants on a medal surface, allowing the oxidation process to occur.  This will ultimately cause rust and corrosion.  Keep your vehicle clean and dry.

Clean Wheels-  Road grime and brake dust cling to wheels and hubcaps.  If not removed, this material will permeate the metal of your wheels, causing major damage.  Professional wheel cleaning will prevent this occurrence.

The Clock is Ticking-  Time is contributing factor that can further harm your vehicle.  The longer an attacking substance is on your vehicle, the greater the probability and extent of the damage.

Feel Good-  95% of those interviewed in a recent survey said that driving a clean car cheered them up and that after they have their car washed at a professional car wash, they get a ‘definite emotional lift’.  Most motorists reported that driving a dirty car depressed them.

Save Time-  Let a professional car wash clean your vehicle quickly and properly.  This frees you to do the things you would rather be doing.

Pride of Ownership-  Your vehicle looks better when it’s clean.  If you don’t care for it, who will?